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Steelie® Wall Mount Kit for Tablets - Final Sale

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The Wall Mount Kit is the simplest, most versatile solution for mounting tablets to vertical surfaces using Steelie magnetic mounting technology. The Wall Mount easily fastens to your wall using the included screws. Our patented Magnetic Tablet Socket securely holds your tablet onto the Wall Mount, allowing for easy attachment, detachment and adjustability of your tablet.

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Product Information

The Wall Mount Kit is the simplest most versatile solution for mounting tablets to vertical surfaces. The Wall Mount acts as a wall-pedestal for your tablet and fastens simply to the vertical surface with an included drywall anchor and screw. The Magnetic Tablet Socket adheres to your tablet or case with reliable 3M® VHB® adhesive (which is removable). The Magnetic Tablet Socket features a strong neodymium magnet and silicone center for smooth articulation with the Wall Mount Ball allowing for adjustable viewing angles. Now your device is ready to connect magnetically to the round surface of the Wall Mount allowing for secure, easy attachment/detachment.

*The Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket contains a strong magnet. This magnet will NOT damage your mobile device; however, do not place it near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives. Nite Ize assumes no liability for damage to such products.

Product Details

  • Wall Mount fastens with included drywall anchor and screw
  • Magnetic tablet socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicone center
  • The neodymium magnet features a secure grip silicone center for smooth articulation with Steelie components
  • The neodymium magnet features a protective, non-slip outer silicone ring for strong grip to flat magnetic surfaces
  • Neodymium magnet is safe for use with all phones and tablets
  • Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket features 3M® VHB® adhesive + can be removed without damaging surfaces
  • Wall Mount is a machined aluminum pedestal that threads tightly into the durable plastic wall-mounted base with protective silicone grips
  • Wall Mount ball shape provides wide range of viewing angles
  • Includes: Wall Mount, Magnetic Tablet Socket with 3M® VHB® adhesive, and drywall anchor and screw
  • Dimensions: 2.76" Dia. x 1.67" | 70mm Dia. x 42.5mm
  • Weight: 3.75oz | 107g

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Steelie Wall Mount Kit
Multilingual Text: English, French, German, and Spanish
4.17W x 7.92H x 1.59D inches