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SpokeLit® LED Wheel Light

With our LED SpokeLit on your bicycle wheel, you'll be clearly visible on your nighttime spins, in (if we may say so ourselves) a very cool way.
The easy-to-attach Nite Ize LED SpokeLit is the perfect way to increase your visibility, safety, and cool factor when you're riding your bike in the dark.

Product Information

The easy-to-attach Nite Ize LED SpokeLit is the perfect way to increase your visibility, safety, and cool factor when you're riding your bike in the dark. Fueled by an efficient LED, this handy little device has two illumination modes - steady glow and continuous flash - to choose from. Press it onto the spokes of your wheel and slide towards the rim until the fit is tight, and it stays securely in place. And, here's the fun part: the SpokeLit not only marks your bike plainly in the dark, when you're riding at medium speed or faster, it creates the attention-getting effect of a moving circle of light. Water and shock resistant, it fits almost all kids' and adults' bike sizes.

Product Details

  • Fits most common 3 spoke cross pattern wheels
  • Easily attaches - no tools required
  • Stays secure, even during off-road riding
  • Shock and weather resistant
  • Available in 4 bright LED colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Disc-O (micro chip controlled - cycles through the color spectrum)
  • Now available in a 2 pack featuring 2 Disc-O SpokeLits
  • Easily replaceable 2 x 2016 3V lithium battery included
  • Battery run time:
      - Glow mode: 20 hours
      - Flash mode: 25 hours

Do I need special tools to install the SpokeLit?
No tools are needed to install the SpokeLit. Simply press it onto the spokes of your wheel and slide towards the rim until secure.

My SpokeLit automatically turns off after about 1 minute. Do I have a defective product?
No. This product has a "Try Me" mode which allows customers to see the glow and flash modes for 30 seconds before turning off automatically. This feature allows the SpokeLit to be tested in stores without having the batteries drained from products being left on.

There should be a yellow sticker inside or attached to your SpokeLit with instructions. To deactivate, you simply press and hold down the switch. It will first go into the glow mode, then flash rapidly. Keep pressing down firmly until it shuts off on its own. (It is important to continue pressing down and wait for the rapid flash to shut off on its own.) This process will remove the "test mode" and allow you to use the product normally.

What type of batteries does the Spokelit use?
When your batteries get low, they can be replaced with two 3V Lithium 2016 coin-cell batteries. Extra batteries can be purchased at under the product name Nite Cell or can be found wherever batteries are sold.

What type of spokes does it fit?
The SpokeLit is designed to work with the common round, straight-gauge spokes laced in a three cross spoke pattern. Detailed Specifications: Fits wheel sizes 16" - 27" with a spoke count of either 32 or 36 spokes.

Average Rating

5.0 out of 5 stars

Product Ratings and Reviews

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  • Sabrina

    Sioux city, Iowa

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

    I have been using these (4 on each wheel) for over a year when I commute on my bicycle to work. I have gotten many good comments. They are very durable, and easy to install or remove. Keeps the rider safer than just tail and headlights. Batteries are easy to change when low.


  • Bob

    West Palm Beach, Fl

    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    I bought these to be seen on my Yamaha motorcycle. They give me a high visibility to be seen from the side. Also gives the bike a "cool" look in the dark when moving.


  • Owen B Sindler

    Philadelphia, PA

    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    I feel safer riding in the dark, having the spokelight on my front wheel. It is visible to all who are in my path from the side and front. Easy to install.


  • Steve

    Cotati, CA

    Monday, July 29, 2013

    The light these put out is more than enough to be seen from a distance, the battery life is fantastic, they're small and light enough to leave on your spokes year-round, and if they somehow manage to get dislodged from your spokes? They're more than durable enough to survive. I wish I could give these a 6-star rating!


  • Jeff

    Visalia, CA

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Very good spoke light. Brings much attention to the bicycle. Had many positive out spoken comments as I rode by. If they see me, then I have a better chance of surviving.


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