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Steelie products are designed to interchange with one another. A Magnetic Phone Socket from a Dash Mount Kit will also work with the Tabletop Stand, the Vent Ball, or the HobKnob for Smartphones. Steelie components can be used to extend the usefulness of an existing Steelie Kit, or can be used to expand a Steelie Ecosystem without having to purchase full new kits.

*Many Steelie products contain strong magnets. These magnets will NOT damage your mobile device; however, do not place them near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives. Nite Ize assumes no liability for damage to such products.

Product Details

Steelie Windshield Mount - Component
Steelie Windshield Mount The Windshield Mount features an adjustable aluminum arm and suspended Steelie ball design. The adjustable arm can be easily secured to match the angle of your windshield, while the round shape of the Steelie ball allows for endless viewing angles of your device. The patented suction cup design at the base of the Windshield Mount features a lever which is used to reinforce the suction cup for ultimate holding power to your windshield. It also acts as a quick release lever when you want to remove it to put it in another vehicle.

Steelie FreeMount
Steelie FreeMount Where the freedom of portability and universal fit converge with Steelie magnetic mounting technology, the FreeMount Component is the most versatile in-vehicle mounting solution. Phones of most sizes are secured in the FreeMount and then magnetically anchored to the portable Vent Mount, allowing for adjustable viewing angles and ultimate stability.

Steelie Magnetic Mount
Steelie Magnetic Mount The Steelie Ecosystem of products have always embraced the strength and versatility of magnetic mounting technology. The Magnetic Mount Component takes this one step further, with its steel ball mounted on a magnetic base, allowing it to anchor magnetically to surfaces like tool boxes and refrigerators. Then devices equipped with Steelie Magnetic Sockets can quickly attach and articulate with the ball allowing for hands-free adjustable-angle viewing.

Steelie Dash Mount
Steelie Dash Mount Multiple vehicles? Don't forget to purchase an extra Steelie Dash Mount so you can have the incredible functionality of the Steelie Dash Mount Kit in every vehicle you own. Compatible with both Steelie Magnetic sockets. Each kit contains: 1 Dash Mount and 1 large 3M® VHB™ Adhesive Pad to fit the Steelie Dash Mount.

Steelie Vent Mount
Steelie Vent Mount The Steelie Vent Mount is a brilliant solution for keeping your smartphone secure and visible when you're in the car - any car. The versatile Steelie Vent Mount securely clips to most vehicle vents, and is just as easy to unclip, so it can be used in multiple vehicles.

Steelie Table Top Stand
Steelie Tabletop Stand Already have a Steelie product? No need to buy a full new kit to add the Steelie Tabletop Stand to your collection. Simply pick up the individual component and it will work with the Magnetic Phone or Tablet Socket on your device. The stand creates a functional pedestal for your device. Kit Contains: 1 Steelie Tabletop Stand.

Steelie HobKnob For Smartphones

Steelie HobKnob For Smartphones The Steelie HobKnob for Smartphones is perfect for the person who has another Steelie product in their collection, and has the Magnetic Phone socket on their device already. The HobKnob component will snap right on to become a quick, portable handle or stand. Kit Contains: 1 Steelie HobKnob Handle for Smartphones.

Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus
Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus Compatible with Nite Ize Steelie Mounting products, the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus features a large, powerful neodymium magnet with holding power to mount even the largest phones or phones with large cases. It comes equipped with 3M® VHB® adhesive to attach it securely to your device.

Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Kit
Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Perfect for families that have multiple mobile phones or devices, but who share a vehicle or workspace. Each location can have its very own Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket to easily attach to either the Steelie Car Mount or the Steelie Pedestal Kit. You can also take advantage of the strong magnet to secure to any metal surface. Each kit contains: 1 magnetic phone socket & cleaning pad.

Steelie Vent Mount Kit Built for OtterBox uniVERSE
Steelie Vent Mount Kit Built for OtterBox uniVERSE This Steelie Vent Mount Kit is built specifically for the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System. It has a module that clips into the case and is a portable solution that allows you to attach any smartphone to any dashboard vent, keeping your phone handy and hands-free whenever you're on the road.

Steelie Car Mount Replacement Adhesive Kit
Steelie Dash Mount + Phone Socket Replacement Adhesives No need to worry about buying a whole new Steelie Dash Mount Kit every time you replace your smartphone. Purchase a replacement adhesive kit and you can easily move your Steelie Phone Socket and Dash Mount to a new device or location. Kit contains: 3 x large 3M® VHB™ Adhesive Pads to fit the Steelie Dash Mount, 3 x small 3M® VHB™ adhesive pads to fit the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket, and 3 x cleaning cloths.

Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket Kit
Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket A great addition for households or workplaces with multiple devices. Securely attach the Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket to any device for instant attachment to any Steelie Tabletop Stand, HobKnob Kit or metal surface. Each kit contains: 1 magnetic tablet socket & cleaning pad.

Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket Replacement Adhesive Kit
Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket Replacement Adhesive Kit New device? No need to purchase a new Steelie Pedestal or HobKnob Kit. Simply remove the existing adhesive, replace it with a brand new one, and you are ready to go. Each kit contains: 2 x 3M® VHB™ Adhesive Pads, and 2 x cleaning pads.

Steelie Windshield Mount - Component
Multilingual Text: English, French, German, and Spanish
4.1W x 7.9H x 2.2D inches

Steelie Windshield Mount - Component

Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus
Multilingual Text: English, French, German, and Spanish
2.8W x 4.4H x .8D inches

Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus

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