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Steelie Car Mount Kit

Mobile Device Accessories

Steelie - The world's finest phone and tablet holding system

The Steelie Car Mount Kit is the perfect phone holder for your car. It docks your phone to your dashboard in a snap, so it's visible, accessible, and right where you need it, everywhere you go.

Product Information

The Steelie Car Mount Kit is a perfect example of brilliant, intuitive design: it's sleek, compact, versatile, adjustable, and so effortless it's actually fun to use. Here's how it works: two specially engineered components - the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket and Steelie Ball Mount - are backed with 3M® VHB™ foam adhesive tape, to provide secure-yet-versatile phone docking exactly where you need it. The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Component is a strong, machined aluminum base containing a powerful, circular magnet centered with flexible silicon that attaches to the center of the back of your phone or hard case. The Steelie Ball Mount Component also features a machined aluminum base topped with a steel ball that can be attached anywhere on your dashboard. The two connect magnetically, and, once your phone is in place, keep it securely positioned, even if you accidentally hit that speed bump a little faster than you intended. The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket's silicon center creates a smooth glide and firm grip, so you can easily rotate the phone from landscape to portrait position and it stays that way until you turn it again. And, because of its fumble-free design, unlike other phone holders, the Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit is legal in all 50 United States.

Here's an added bonus: when you've reached your destination and you detach your phone from the Ball Mount, the Magnetic Phone Socket still works with any other convenient metal surface. So you can attach your phone to refrigerator doors, metal shelving, filing cabinets, toolbox tops, even grocery cart handles-and keep it usable, secure, and easy to view throughout your day.

The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket contains a strong magnet. These magnets will NOT damage your tablet or phone. However, do not place near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives. Nite Ize assumes no liability for damage to such objects.

Product Details

  • The Steelie Car Mount Kit allows secure attachment for any mobile device, with or without a rigid case, to any vehicle dash with unlimited viewing angles
  • Each Steelie Car Mount Kit includes one Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket with 3M® VHB™ adhesive pad, one Steelie Ball Mount with 3M® VHB™ adhesive pad, an alcohol prep pad, and installation instructions
  • Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center to provide a strong grip and smooth glide
  • The neodymium magnet is safe for use with all phones and tablets
  • Both the Magnetic Phone Socket & Ball Mount components feature 3M® VHB™ foam adhesive tape for secure attachment
  • 3M® VHB™ foam adhesive tape can be removed without damage to surfaces
  • Application and Removal Instructions
  • Steelie Ball Mount is a high quality steel ball that is press fit into the machined aluminum base for security
  • High quality 6061 Machined Aluminum Magnetic Phone Socket and Ball Mount components for an elegant look and durable functionality
  • Adjusts and holds in any viewing angle
  • Compatible with other Steelie system components
  • Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Component and Steelie Dash Ball Components are sold individually:
    - Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket - Perfect for families that have multiple mobile phones or devices, but who share a vehicle. Each phone can have its very own Steelie MagneticPhone Socket to easily attach when they are behind the wheel, or to take advantage of the strong magnet to secure to any metal surface.
    - Steelie Ball Mount - Multiple vehicles? Don't forget to purchase an extra Steelie Ball Mount so you can have the incredible functionality of the Steelie Car Mount Kit in every vehicle, boat, or plane you own.
  • Dimensions: 1.14" x 1.06" x 1.06" | 28.24mm x 27.10mm x 27.10mm
  • Weight: 2.50oz | 71.00g



Average Rating

4.7 out of 5 stars

Product Ratings and Reviews

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  • John

    Woodbridge, Va

    Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    Best product I have found for mobile car accessory.


  • Tim

    Virginia Beach , Virginia

    Friday, October 23, 2015

    I love the car mount kit. Just wish I could have purchased a kit with 2 ball dash mounts so I could use it in more than one car.




    Friday, October 16, 2015

    I ordered two of the Steelie Car Mounts and found them to be excellent. Installation is simple and the phone magnet is very strong. Excellent product.


  • Maria Fornataro

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Saturday, September 5, 2015

    Product is excellent! I can rely on it to support my Samsung Note 4 on the dash of my car. The magnet is strong & hold my phone no matter how rough the roads are.


  • debbie starrett


    Sunday, August 23, 2015

    I bought the Steelie car mount for my iphone 6. I recently moved to a new city and i was always fumbling with the gps on my phone, propping it up on my lap or on the center console...just so i could get a glance at my gps. Installing the two part Steelie pieces was a snap and it holds my phone beautifully. I was able to position it perfectly on the center portion of my control panel to my stereo. It is very unobtrusive and when my phone isn't mounted to it, it still looks very nice and barely noticeable. I was looking for a device that would not clutter up my console with brackets or clamps. I hated the idea of clipping anything in my air conditioner vent, since I live in Texas and we need all the cool air our cars can deliver! The Steelie mounted, literally in less than 2 minutes, from the moment I took it out of the package. The instructions mention letting the adhesive cure on both the car and the phone for awhile before using, but I didn't. I mounted my phone's part of the Steelie onto the protective case for my phone. It is hardly noticeable. Now I am able to drive around the big city, with my GPS positioned where I can see it clearly, without interruptions or distractions. I will definitely be buying more for my daughters!!


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