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INOVA XO3 - 123A Lithium Powered LED Flashlight

INOVA LED Flashlights

The INOVA XO3 is precision-engineered for protection against extreme use, even in the elements.

Product Information

Powered by 2-123 lithium batteries, the durable, reliable XO3 flashlight has a patented optical system, precision machined aluminum reflector with thermal management interface that provides superior light projection and a uniform focused spot with flood beam pattern - the brightest 123A Lithium powered flashlight in the X Series. Updated performance and new dual-mode functionality provides long hours of either High or Low power light output. Whether trekking, camping, or hanging out in your own backyard, the XO3 provides a steady stream of far-reaching, intense bright light to blaze the way.

Product Details

  • Dual Light Mode Functionality. Features both HIGH and LOW Light Output Modes.
  • LED Color: White
  • Lumens: High - 200 | Low - 18
  • Run Time: High 3 hours | Low 40 hours
  • Effective Range (up to): 636 ft (194 m)
  • Battery Type: 2-123A Lithium batteries included
  • High-Powered energy efficient 50,000 hour LED
  • Patented optical system, precision machined aluminum reflector with thermal management interface.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum with high grade anodized finishes
  • Colors Available: Black and Titanium anodized body finishes
  • Water-resistant construction and O-Ring seals
  • 3 Position End-Cap Switch activates constant and momentary high and low as well as a lockout mode.
  • Customization Available - Engrave your logo or company name. Click Here for more information
  • Dimensions (Length x Diameter): 6.00" (15.25cm) x 1.00" (2.54cm) | 1.24" (3.15cm) Head Diameter
  • Weight: 5.57oz | 157.91g
  • Try me packaging - allows for lighting demonstration
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty USA




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Product Ratings and Reviews

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  • Steven

    Rochester, NY

    Friday, December 21, 2012

    I ordered the light from Amazon for $41.45. The light I ordered was titanium in color. I also ordered Nitize Clip Pock-Its XL Utility Holster, Black" $12.90. I was able to track the package and they arrived before Amazon stated. I have brought a lot items from Amazon and have NEVER been disappointed! Upon arrival, I began the epic battle of the blister pack. Once opened I examined it. I loved that the head and and body were one piece. I also liked that the optics are permanently attached. I know, I know, the freeze method. Then insertion of the two included CR123 lithium-ion batteries. OMG! Please let me repeat! OMG!!! I LOVE this tail-cap! First, we are talking about a threaded piece (tail-cap) screwing on to another threaded piece (flashlight battery tube). There was NO play between the two pieces. There was no noise when turning the tail-cap. The tailcap was some how being held in place by something that required some torque (not very much) to turn. It was an absolute delight to turn it. Best comparison would be the tuning knobs of high end steros of the 60's and 70's (hey! I said I was 54). Every time I turn the tail-cap, it makes me smile. Note: The flashlight came with the threads greased! I was reading a lot feedback on older Inova's that it was too bad that the switch was not a "tactical forward clicky". My response is buy a tactical flashlight. Inova makes six (called the T-Series. ). When inserting the batteries, the POSITIVE side faces the tailcap. I haver never heard or seen any flashlights, anywhere, that does this. Whenever I insert batteries into anything, I have always looked for a plus or minus sign and/or a picture of a battery showing correct orientation. In this rare case, I knew ahead of time but still looked anyway. Inside of the tail-cap was a "+" sign. Inova states this eliminates the spring found in most tail-caps which can than get lost or broken. The operation of the light is simple and straight. You have a high output, 200 lumens and a low output of 18 lumens. Inova states that they measure output using ANSI/FL1 standards. Their is no memory, strobe, SOS, Beacon or even mid output. Nope. High and low. 200 or 18 lumens. For the following info. "CW" means Clock Wise and "CCW" means Counter Clock Wise. If the flashlight is on, rotate the tail-cap CCW until it is off. Too operate: with flashlight off, turn tail-cap CW until it is on. If the flashlight has been off more than three seconds, it will ALWAYS come on in high mode (200 lumens). Their is no memory (turns on at last setting). Turn flashlight CCW until off AND then CW within three seconds until back on. This is low mode (18 lumens). Now turn tail-cap CCW to off. This is "intermittent" mode. To turn on, press on the black rubber on the bottom of the tail-cap. Again, if off for more than three seconds it will turn on in high mode and remain on until you release pressure on the tail-cap. Want momentary low? In momentary high, release pressure BUT press again before three seconds. And if you turn the tail-cap a little more. CCW, the flashlight will be in lock-out mode (will not turn on accidentally. Reading this, it seems complicated, but it really is not. This is a case where you need to see and do it your self. FINALLY:) The beam, output, energy radiating from the reflector. The reason one buys a flashlight. I'm greedy in this department. I want a perfect spot with a lot reach, while putting out a nice flood. Inova delivers this in spades. THIS BEAM IS PERFECT! A beautiful very bright spot, with a ton of flood. I walked into a small wooded area and on high, I could clearly see several hundred feet ahead. The flood lit up a good 12-18 foot wide area and out about 50 plus feet. Inova claims a whopping 636 feet (194M) on high and 132 feet on low. On low, you don't get the reach but their is plenty of light for hiking, out in your neighborhood, or inside. The first time I turned on high inside, the light bounced off the wall hurting my eyes a little. Works well in candle mode (set inside a cup) Also a little too bright for the car or anything up close. Much to my surprise, the low setting works for everything close out to about 30feet. I didn't get a 300+ lumen because of price but now realize that would have too bright for me to really use. In summary: Superb quality. Inova claims tolerances to be +/-0.0005" and it shows. Could not find any flaws in machining or assy. Light is basic in terms of outputs but has quality features of more expensive lights: mineral glass with A/R coating on both sides; stainless steel bezel (machined bevel to perfection) for protection of optics; machine, finley textured reflector; flashlight machined from solid stock of AEROSPACE aluminum; regulation circuit for near full brightness of light for most of battery life; hard andonized body AND threads; white led; battery piston (?) prevents polarity reversal. And, of course a perfect spot/flood beam.