INOVA X3R/T3R USB Rechargeable Accessories

The INOVA X3R and T3R LED flashlights are precision-engineered for superior functionality, durability, and power. They both feature an innovative Mini USB Charge Port means that it can be fully recharged from a variety of energy sources, ensuring uninterrupted hours of consistent, dependable illumination.

The ability to increase their functionality by adding a USB/AC Adapter, USB/DC Adapter, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, a USB Cord, International Power Adapter Kit or Signal Cones.

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International Power Adapter Kit

The perfect accessory for the INOVA LED Flashlight user who's mission or profession brings them to international locations.

Signal Cones - Red, White, Yellow

This durable plastic cone fits on the end of the INOVA T4, transforming it into a versatile area light with spot beam, or an attention grabbing signal light.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

The INOVA X3R and T3R's high-energy capacity comes from a single, highly efficient rechargeable lithium Ion battery. Keep an extra battery in your pack, vehicle or tool box to ensure uninterrupted use of your INOVA LED Flashlight.

USB/AC Power Supply

This high quality power supply allows re-charging in any standard AC outlet.

USB DC/Vehicle Power Supply

Ensures secure connection to DC vehicle receptacles.

Extra USB Cord

Keep an extra USB cord handy to charge your flashlight with either the USB/AC or USB/DC Power Supply options.

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