INOVA® LED Flashlight Components + Accessories

INOVA LED Flashlight components and accessories make these powerful flashlights even more useful tools.

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Product Information

Precision engineered to meet the serious technical and functional needs of security professionals everywhere, INOVA rechargeable flashlights offer powerful illumination, handling responsiveness, and tactical grade durability. The ability to increase their functionality by adding an AC Adapter, DC Adapter, Rechargeable INOVA Lithium Ion Battery, Signal Cones, or a Reserve Battery Holder / Extension with rechargeable INOVA Lithium Ion battery make this an unbeatable tactical tool.

Product Details

Rechargeable INOVA Lithium Ion Battery for T4R
The INOVA T4R's high-energy capacity comes from a single, highly efficient rechargeable lithium Ion battery. This battery is not compatible with the A Series T4. Please contact customer service for more information -

INOVA T4R USB AC Power Supply
100v-240v Compatible.

International Plug Adapters

INOVA T4R USB DC/Vehicle Power Supply
Ensures secure connection to DC vehicle receptacles. Built-in fuse provides electronic protection.

INOVA T4R USB Charging Cradle
Rugged, low-profile fast-charging cradle features hassle-free docking/undocking. Spring loaded rollers hold flashlight securely while offering ease of removal and insertion - with 2 mounting fasteners.

Signal Cones - Red, White, Yellow
This durable plastic cone fits on the end of the INOVA T4R, transforming it into a versatile area light with spot beam, or an attention grabbing signal light.

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