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GearLine Organization System


Whether you're organizing your tent, garage, closet or rec room, our hang-anywhere, hang-anything Gear Line will keep your tools, sporting gear, pet collars, clothing, and accessories of all kinds lined up and tidy. And it's so colorful and smart, it almost makes the job fun.

Product Information

Made of high quality, wear-resistant webbing, the Gear Line Organization System features sturdy S-Biner double-gated carabiner clips in alternating sizes, each attached to its own individual sturdy loop, along with Gear Tie Reusable Twist Ties on each end. Just attach whatever tools, gear, gadgets, or clothing you want to each S-Biner and hang the Gear Line to any hook or knob - wherever it will be most convenient. Go vertical when you want to maximize storage and save wall space. Hang horizontally to keep things easily accessible at eye level or quickly dry out gear. Each S-Biner clips securely closed and unclips easily for fast, convenient attachment and detachment, and can easily be interchanged.

Product Details

  • Use Gear Lines in the garage, on the boat, in the home, camping and in countless other places where things need to be secured and organized.
  • Available in two lengths: 2' (System contains 3 x #2 and 3 x #4 Plastic S-Biners) and 4' (System contains 5 x #2 and 5 x #4 Plastic S-Biners)
  • Colorful Translucent S-Biner Double Gated Carabiner clips easily secure a variety of items for secure attachment and easy release
  • Tactical version available with black S-biners/black gates
  • Features high quality, durable webbing
  • Features Gear Tie Technology - 2 x 12" Gear Ties, one on each end, for versatile attachment options
  • Dimensions (2'): 24.00" x 3.95" x 1.65" | 609.60mm x 100.45mm x 42.15mm
  • Weight (2'): 2.75oz | 78.00g
  • Dimensions (4'): 48.00" x 3.95" x 1.65" | 1219.20mm x 100.45mm x 42.15mm
  • Weight (4'): 4.48oz | 127.00g



Average Rating

5.0 out of 5 stars

Product Ratings and Reviews

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  • Tim Lockwood

    Juneau, AK

    Saturday, April 4, 2015

    I bought one of these gearlines on an impulse buy and found it to now be an essential part of my hunting gear. Like your ad says, I wish I would have thought of this. Lite and strong enough. I would buy more but I have one, its all I need.


  • Clarence Ford


    Thursday, December 11, 2014

    The Gear Line 2' is well equipped to hold my fully equipped utility belt. Even with a loaded firearm and taser, the Gear Line 2' had no problem holding my equipment.


  • Ronald L. Reed


    Saturday, February 22, 2014

    I use this product constantly because I keep it hung on shelving at the garage door. So all my keys, glasses and other high use equipment is easy to see and unsnap. A friend of mine saw it and thought "how organized!" Well, yes. I looking for a reason to buy another one.