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Gear Tie® 12"


Flexible, durable, colorful and useful, the Nite Ize 12" Gear Tie is handy in a hundred and one ways, to name just a few.

Product Information

With its strong, bendable wire interior and sturdy rubber exterior, the Nite Ize 12" Gear Tie is the perfect size for bundling, connecting, and organizing everything from workshop tools to children's toys. With a simple wrap-and-twist motion, it keeps appliance wires, cables and cords tangle-free, organizes tools, art supplies, and sporting equipment, binds and neatens kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, toys, and more. Reusable, water-proof, available in 2 packs.

Product Details

  • Available in the following colors: Black, Blue, Lime Green, Red, Bright Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Desert Tan, Foliage Green, Coyote Brown and Navy Blue.
  • Gear Tie Tube Combination Pack is available featuring a handy assortment of Gear Ties in a reusable storage tube. Twelve Gear Ties included: 3 x 3", 3 x 6", 2 x 12", 2 x 18", and 2 x 24" Gear Ties in assorted colors.
  • Gear Tie Box Combination Pack is available featuring a handy assortment of Gear Ties. 8 Pack Assortment contains one of each: 3" Black, 3" Red, 6" Black, 6" Blue, 12" Black, 12" Lime, 18" Black and 18" Orange.
  • Now available in a Pro Pack featuring 12 units (Black, Orange, and an assortment of Black, Bright Orange and Neon Yellow.)
  • Use Gear Ties in the garage, on the boat, in the home, and in countless other places where things need to be secured and organized.
  • Waterproof and safe for use in fresh or salt water without damage
  • UV resistant - will not be damaged or destroyed by extended sun exposure
  • Tough rubber shell provides excellent grip
  • Use indoors and outdoors in any weather.
  • Strong wire inside holds its shape
  • Won't scratch or mark
  • Twist it, tie it, reuse it
  • Thousands of Uses!
  • Dimensions: 12.00" x 0.24" x 0.24" | 304.80mm x 6.24mm x 6.24mm
  • Weight: 0.42oz | 6.00g



Average Rating

4.4 out of 5 stars

Product Ratings and Reviews

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  • Jennifer

    Maple Grove, MN

    Thursday, December 10, 2015

    12" is my favorite length for a Gear Tie. I use it for more items than I have time to list! LOVE GEAR TIES!!


  • Sherrie Eisenman

    Missouri Valley, IA

    Wednesday, July 15, 2015

    I'm confined to a wheelchair, but I sometimes like to go out at night, use these on my chair. I wrap a white light on either side of the front, the flexible ties work great for this and have two reds on the back; it makes me visible to cars keeping me (and my chair) from getting hurt. Thank you for making such a multi functional product, and giving me back some of the independence I thought was gone forever!


  • Guy

    Toronto, Ontario

    Thursday, June 12, 2014

    I use these to tie up my camelback water bag to different backpacks instead of straps, The are strong and durable, and make attaching gear to mole packs increadibly fast and easy. Way good product!


  • Ronald Ellis

    Tillamook, OR

    Thursday, December 13, 2012

    We are full time RVers and have used the 12" ties for a couple of years now and they work great! We have been using one of them to hold the main door open when the weather is nice.It gets curled around the brace at the top of the door and has been working like that for several months with no sign of wearing out.Excellent product!


    • Cecelia Brown

      Ney, Ohio

      Wednesday, January 22, 2014

      I use these ties for Christmas Decorations I hang everything with red and green and easy to remove and easy to reuse every year inside and outside. Thanks for this product and thanks for keeping it made in the USA. Please sell it where all holiday decorations are found. I would like to have this size and smaller and larger ones in all holiday colors.


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