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Clip Case Cargo Tall

Mobile Device Accessories

Large-screen smart phones have beautiful, bigger displays that call for proper protection. Our Clip Case Cargo Tall answers that call (no pun intended). The convenience and durability of our popular Clip Case Cargo, re-designed to accommodate the deluxe dimensions of large-screen smart phones with or without form fit covers.

Product Information

Made of extremely durable ballistic polypropylene and equipped with an enclosed bottom, this innovative, tough cell phone case for taller phones absorbs shocks and shields from the elements. It has a patented flex clip that attaches securely over and under your belt, fully rotates for access at any angle, and even locks in eight different positions. Two pockets on the case-one inside and one in the back-hold identification, cash and credit cards for extra convenience. And to top it all off, we've added our Tooth Ferry™ feature to keep your wireless headset or headphones safe and available.

Absolutely perfect for those who work and play in rugged environments, and don't want their valuable smart phones to suffer for it.

Product Details

  • Features either a hook & loop or strong magnetic lid closure
  • Universally sized - designed to fit nearly all large-sized phones on the market, with or without form fit cases.
  • Tooth Ferry™ universal headset carrier will keep your wireless headset or headphones easily accessible and secure.
  • Strong flex-clip design rotates 360 degrees and locks in 8 positions for ultimate comfort and versatility
  • Rotating flex-clip fits waistbands, belts, or straps up to 2 3/8"
  • External Case Dimensions (Hook and Loop Closure: 5.90" x 3.15" x 2.19" | 150.00mm x 80.00mm x 55.65mm
  • Weight (Hook and Loop Closure): 2.82oz | 80.00g
  • External Case Dimensions (Magnetic Closure): 5.67" x 3.23" x 1.98" | 144.21mm x 82.05mm x 50.42mm
  • Weight(Magnetic Closure): 3.00oz | 102.00g



Do you have a holster that comes with a fixed position clip instead of one that rotates?
Yes, we have many styles that feature a non-rotating clip. Please feel free to check out the following product pages: Clip Case Sideways Holster, Sport Case Tone Holsters, and the Fits-All Holster.

Will my credit card and ID fit in the back pocket?
Yes, the back pocket of the holster is large enough to fit your credit cards and ID.

Average Rating

4.0 out of 5 stars

Product Ratings and Reviews

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  • Gayler Hajek

    Irwin, PA

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    I have had a similar smaller case for my Motorola cell phone for about 4 years of continuous use including handyman work of all kinds. It functioned wonderfully, love the rotating clip to permit getting into jeans pockets easier, the clip held up perfectly ,never a problem. The magnet in the latch did wear out the material holding it in and I had to epoxy it back in after which I have used it for the last year at least. I upgraded to an iPhone 5 and guess that this case is the only one that could satisfy me after my old case. I am going with the Velcro closure due to concerns with the magnet and credit card storage (which I plan to do). The salesperson in the Verizon store did say that the magnet should not bother the cell phone at all. I am glad that someone makes a practical durable case for the latest cell phones, they are too valuable to not protect. Thanks!


  • picky pie

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Sunday, January 27, 2013

    This model is the best case I ever owned. It has a very well designed belt fastener that holds fast to a belt LOOP (women rarely wear belts) no matter what. This feature may seem like a small thing but all the case padding in the world isn't worth squat if the darn case won't stay on the belt. Compared to my pretty new Otterbox Defender, on which the belt fastener isn't worth two nickels, this Niteize case lasted 2.5 years without ever sliding off a belt loop. The Otterbox slid off the first time I wore it and nearly broke a new Galaxy III. The Niteize case may be a plain Jane but I never worried about my Galaxy S falling & breaking. I'm searching for a replacement for the Otterbox Defender holster. Looking for a case design with rotating and interlocking clasp as on the Niteize. After much research still haven't found that type of clasp on ANY other case. The Niteize is still in perfect condition. No fraying, discoloration or wear. The elastic sides and velcro clasp are in good shape too. Too bad it won't fit the Galaxy III.


  • Ed Taylor


    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    Best case I ever bought. Almost industructable. Finally ripped when it got caught on a piece of sharp metal. Time to buy another one.


  • Kevin Kaipio

    El Mirage, AZ

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    Virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE. Best cell phone holder I've ever owned. Even after rugged use, Belt clip has never bent or broken. Designed to stay on belt. Safely and securely protects my phone.