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We love hearing from our customers. Your stories and suggestions are what drives us to create innovative products and strive to solve your everyday problems with our creative solutions.

Take a look below to see what our customers are telling us about Nite Ize products, and submit your own story & image for us to post for other customers to read.

Perhaps someone will be as inspired by your story as we are!

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I want you to know that as a direct result of your kindness our dog Hugo Boss is alive.

A few weeks ago we had a huge snow storm in Toronto, and I slipped on the ice letting go of the leash. Hugo ran onto the road and I was unable to catch him.

There were plenty of cars on the road and Hugo paid no attention. The snow was falling heavily and visibility was very low. Fortunately Hugo was wearing his Nite Ize light and cars were able to stop in time to let me catch him.

We were fortunate to celebrate Hugo's 4th birthday on Sunday. Hugo gave every dog at the park got a bandana and a Nite Ize light of their very own.

When we told the others about how Hugo was saved by Nite Ize. We decided that it was time to organize a petition to make it mandatory for dogs to wear a Nite Ize light at night.

We are your biggest fans and forever grateful for your kindness that saved our Hugo's life.

Thank you for Nite Ize.

- James C

I just want to relate a fantastic experience I had with your product. I have gotten into a little routine of letting him out the door to do his duty and he has always stayed in the front yard before getting his leash clipped on. Yesterday he went out into the street and there was a car coming down the street at a very high speed. Luckily he had a collar light on so the car saw him and was able to skid to a stop. Thanks to you and your wonderful product I still have my little doggy with me. I will be sure to keep his light and leash on at all times. Thank you so much.

- Carol O

Yesterday, I was cutting my lawn on my lawn tractor while talking to my son on my cell. (I was using a high noise environment headset.) As I bumped onto the lawn from the driveway, the phone bounced out of the cup-holder, the headset plug pulled out and the phone hit the lawn just before the rear wheel ran directly over it.

I am sure that if not for the Lexan polycarbonate case the phone would have been broken in half. It didn't suffer a scratch!

Thanks, Nite Ize, great product as are all the other Nite Ize items I own!

- Ross A

I have recently just returned from a 16day camp trek trip to hills with my girlfriend Ceri where we took the opportunity to have some chill time together after her recent long term illness, which has prevented us for having trips for over a year now. Before we went, we were going through our kit inventory on the lawn to check for any things we needed, & then a neighbour saw us & we started chatting about his recent SAR tour of Wales in which he is on leave from for couple months. We got talking about our tools that we were taking & asked me if I had good torch, I showed him my large metal one from supermarket & my bag of 20odd C batteries, at this he chuckled alittle, before disappearing for couple of minutes, when he returned, he handed me his torch & told me to take it for the trip as it would do a much better job than my bug, which I thought was very kind.

Initially I was a little hesistant as we knew sometimes he gets called to action at a moment's notice, but this time was not to be the case, so we agreed & we were not disappointed with his gear, which more than sufficed for the trip. As he had only used this item during tours & at occasional times with his family, he asked me to let him know how it stands up in its usage for us, so I thought I would also tell you also about it which may or may not help your feedback programme etc.

On looking at the item before packing, I was like WoW, his Inova X5 torch looked very stylish, great smokeygrey type colour & felt great, & we were both liking it more, practically falling in love with the excellent gear but knew deep down, that we needed a good piece of hardware like this, but this item was out of our price means due to the quality & standard of your products.

When we completed packing our rucksacks, we found that having the all our needed items neatly tucked away in separate compartments within the pack is always helpful, but knowing that we didn't have to make space for the torch & were very impressed by the great compact-ability of the torch, as I was able to attach it onto my belt. We both found that using this item was great & were very impressed with the sturdiness & usability aspect of it, The torch was very well manageable, even for Rebecca, who also felt it rather comfortable within her grip & the handle gave her good movement.

The small compactness of the torch, was truly magnificent, hardly noticed I was carrying it on my belt in its sheath, very light, but a beast to use, the casing was very strong & although he had put fresh batteries in it, we only need to change batteries twice during our trip, which was brilliant knowing a torch could last long periods. At times we had to alternate usage of it, so every now & then I would use the light from the fire while Ceri used the torch & vice-versa.

Overall throughout our trip we enjoyed using Jacks gear & cannot recommend this item enough to others, in fact I cannot shut up about it, as it so beautifully crafted & is of an exceptional quality standard.

Hopefully, one day we may be able to get this item from you for ourselves to use on future trips we will take together as in my eyes, whatever items I use from this day will have to measure up to your wonderful products, I just hope that one day is sooner rather than later.

I want to finish by saying Thank you for designing & making this product which our friend jack & countless others have enjoyed & grown to love & allowing me to send you our input from our trip using your stuff. If there are any forms of feedback or customer satisfaction etc., you would like me to complete, please get in touch.

- Savvas

I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for repairing my Mag Light flash light with your LED replacement bulb. It works perfectly.

Your companies customer service is second to none. You have went the extra mile to satisfy my cry for help. In this day in age it is truly hard to find companies and their employees that care about the customer. Many times customer concerns are handled by overseas phone calls that end in wasted hours of communications and problems never getting solved.

Again I want to personally commend you and Nite Ize for your help and will definitely purchase products from you in the future. I am in the automotive field and will also recommend your products to colleagues and friends. Keep up the great work.

- John L

Last year, you generously, sent an assortment of S-Biners to my friend's son, who is in the Marines. He used them to attached gear to his pack. He also gave some to other members of his platoon. They all loved them. They subsequently have purchase many more for their own use.

When I spoke to him last week I told him about the Gear Ties. I think the troops can find a lot of use for these also.

I thought you would like to know.

- Richard S

I am writing to say "Thanks", and to share a story about your Microlight product as it truly came in handy during a very stressful situation. I am a career firefighter for the city of San Antonio, Texas, and just a few days ago I responded to my first structure fire since returning to the firefighting division. I spent the last 10+ years as a paramedic in the EMS division and so the fire call was almost as exciting as my very first one. The fire call was for a residential fire, a very large home in our area with a significant amount of fire coming from the side and roof, and we were first on scene in our ladder truck. As the Engineer (driver) I was sent off to cut the utilities to the home as there was a substantial amount of fire, and electrical sparks shooting out of a fixture on the exterior where it appeared the fire had started. After I grabbed my rechargeable hand light and tools I made my way to the backyard, forcing entry through a gate and facing moderate smoke along the way. Just as I approached the utility box my hand light failed (found to be a defective battery later). As I struggled to cut off the utilities (gas/electric) in the dark by feel I remembered I had just attached my Microlight to my ID tag earlier in the shift "just in case". At that moment I realized my little light would take on a huge responsibility and provide me the light I needed to help protect my fellow firefighters as they battled the blaze. I popped it off my ID, turned it on and bit it in my teeth as I completed my first of many tasks that night. Needless to say I now carry my Microlight in my gear and never make a call without it!

- Brian W

I thought I might write to your company and let you know about my experience with your product. You may find it interesting.

I am a corporate jet captain and I am employed to do emergency medical retrievals for the critically ill or injured. I was on such a job when I was forced to ditch the jet I was flying due to unplanned poor weather in the ocean at night. By good fortune all 6 of us on board escaped from the sinking jet and we found ourselves in heavy seas with only 3 life jackets - the other jackets and raft went down with the aircraft. The 3 lights on the jackets were dim beyond belief and completely useless - they also stopped working after a short time.

The island we were closest to has no harbor and only 2 boats managed to get launched that night, however they commenced looking for us in the wrong place. After about 30 minutes in the water I remembered that I had a grey Inova X1 torch in my shirt pocket (which I used for aircraft inspections at night) and much to my delight I pulled it out, turned it on and it worked fine. The 6 of us started swimming together towards the lights we could see on the island, and I held the torch in one hand as I swam with the other, the whole time shining the torch towards the island. When we stopped swimming every now and again to rest, I shone the torch in the sky and it formed a brilliant beam over our heads, illuminating the rain and low cloud.

One major stoke of good fortune that night was that the civil emergency committee had planned to conduct their annual exercise two weeks after the accident. Their planned scenario for that year was for an aircraft ditching offshore and so many of the plans they had drawn up were immediately put into place that night. One such plan put into action was for the stationing of all the firefighters on all the main headlands around the island looking out to sea. This was to prove life saving. One of the firefighters saw my torch and immediately informed the search boats of our position, and one came upon us about 20 minutes later. The torch kept functioning until shortly before the boat found us, in total for just over an hour. We were 3 miles from shore when we were picked up (so I dispute your company's claim that the X1 can be seen for only 1.5 miles - in my experience it is much further) and we had been in the water for nearly 2 hours.

Anyway, the way I see it, your company's product saved my life and I am very grateful for it. Thank you. My trusty torch didn't survive the night fully intact (the lens cover came off during the swim and the salt water I assume eventually ruined it) and it now sits pride of place at home on my desk, as my token of good fortune from that night.

- Tom

I can tell you that your products were not only used a lot but were very important to us in several situations. As Chris mentioned, the reflective night vests, pin lights and varied size tie wraps were used ever day--a lot. Thanks you for taking an intrest in our team and for becoming involved it the whole RAAM experience. I was the crew chief for the team and again I can't tell you how much your products were a great help to us and all of our crew and riders. Thanks Again.

- Chuck - Team Endorphins.

I purchased a T4 INOVA flashlight some years ago. For the last five years I've been posted to remote communities of the Canadian Arctic with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In the fall of 2010 I lost this flashlight shoveling my porch in Kugaaruk. (I immediately purchased an identical one as a replacement!) In the late spring when the snow began to melt, my colleague found this flashlight. After months of bitter Arctic winter, the flashlight worked like new. I didn't even have to charge it. There wasn't a speck of rust. My colleagues could not believe the flashlight was several years old and had spent 6 months of it's life under a blanket of snow and ice.

I was blown away by the quality of this product and decided to write this testimonial. I highly recommend the INOVA T4 flashlight to my colleagues in law enforcement and to any anyone requiring a solid, reliable flashlight.

- Dmitri M

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