I like the lights they are bright. I wished the batteries would have lasted a little longer.
I use this every night ...riding a motorcycle.It helps my safety by attracting enough attention and shows support for law enforcement.....great product.
I love this light. I've had a white one on my dog for a couple of months now and it makes our late evening walks/hikes so much nicer for me because I'm not always wondering where my forever wandering Clumber Spaniel is in the dark. When it's faced in the right direction is lights up his entire chest and he glows like Falcor from The Never-ending Story. Hahaha. I bought some cheaper ones in a set from amazon, but as you read this review, know I am here on the niteize.com site to buy quality and brighter lights so I can see my dogs from a distance. That makes me feel safe, especially when we have new coyotes in the Presidio!!
This clip-on LED is wonderful. I am able to see my two Husky's out in the pasture at night while there on the hunt for the local coyotes. It is kind of funny to look out in the field at night and see colored lights float across the air.
These little lights are great for walkin your dogs at night, very visible for being so small. I've bought some for all of my neighbors. thanks for such a great, inexpensive product.
Perfect for my purposes. I have a chocolate lab that is near invisible at night. I have a large unfenced back yard and this light lets me follow his movements. I can even tell when he squats because the light is suddenly stationary! Great product for me and my dog!
The best light yet! I clip one to my dog's collar and no worries....the only thing I change is to use safety wire on the clip or else I lose one or two a year otherwise it's great!
Love them, use them for family dogs, wish that the strobe function was all colors or could be changed to different color than red though.
Love the Nite Ize light. I have a Black Labradoodle and the only way I can find him at night is with the Nite Ize light. He runs around the yard and I know exactly where he is by following the glowing light on his collar. I'd be lost without it.
I'm on my third one. Great for walking my Jack Russell when the sun goes down. We both are very visible. When neighborhood is dark this is a great way to let other people know someone with a dog is coming. The changing light color is very unusual and we get lots of complements, "What a great idea!"
Great product. I have a black and tan dog that hunts in our pastures at night. With the Nite Ize I can track him.
Love these lights. It started with my black dog so people could see her and now I have red and green (port and starboard) for my paddleboard so when I am out at dusk on the water, other boats know. Plus I wear them on my pfd so I am visible as I board. They are water proof - tested! I would like to see bigger ones. Thank you.