We purchased our first ones for the Department about 10 years ago. We have gone through several over the years. I wear mine everywhere (work, home, shopping, etc.). Not sure how to live without it now. Great product, great company!!!
Pouch was exactly what I needed... on my feet working and the tools I use are right there on my hip..
Bought the pouch for work,holds just what I need in my day to day duties. Well made holds great.
Used the previous one 5 years, hope this one lasts as long. Carries minimum but necessary tools daily right in my belt.
The product is working excellent and will probably buy more in the future.
Excellent product! Holds my Leatherman, LED flashlight, pens and a 6" steel scale... all necessary to my job as an automation engineer
I have wore out a half dozen of these is the last 15 years. I carry my Leatherman, mini cresent wrench, minimag flashlight and two sharpie markers. I don't leave home without it and use one or more of these items every day multiple times. The best pouch in the business with the best accessibility. Had a hard time finding one once so I bought three just to make sure I would have one. Thank You for this product.
I worked for years in an opera company and I can tell you that nearly EVERYBODY who works backstage in technical theater has one of these. They are essential gear. When climbing in the lighting cove, in the orchestra pit, or onstage changing sets, these holsters make sure you have the essential tools close at hand. Great product.
I have been purchasing this item for about 4 years and have been very happy with it
This item works perfectly for me. As a auto technician, it allows me to carry all I need at hand to do my job. Flashlight, pliers,pens and picks. I can add or delete as needed. This replaced the previous version I had used for over 10 years. Great product and company!!
I'm on my third one and have carried them 15 years. I wear it everywhere. I have reading glasses in a case, 2 ink pens, metal file, miniature screwdriver, SOG multitool, 300 lumen flashlight, metal box cutter, and the razor replacement blades in it. It is irreplaceable and very low profile. I simply wear them out.
Have worn my second one out in 15 years as I am a body man and carry my essential tools in it on my hip daily. Am totally lost without it on my belt. A very awesome product! :)