I'm a LED flashaholic and own premium lights costing as much as $250 and bright enough to make automobile hi-beams look dim in comparison. With that said, these little bug lites are among my favorites and I keep one in my car and another in my backpack for travel. The utility is superb and my only complaint is that I'd like a second version of this light with brighter LED (around 250 lumens with firefly .5 lumen mode) for those times the little bug just doesn't quite do the job. A brighter version would work as a bike light or work/task light and cover all the bases except for heavy duty search (1000+ lumens).
My son and I both have one of these little lights - they are great. Just replaced the batteries in one and didn't remember about resetting it, was able to look up information on line and everything is working once again. Great Product ! would definitely recommend to others
Great little product, I like how I can take it anywhere with me
My wife bought two of this critters home, one for me and one for my daughter. We love them, they are kool and can hold the shape well. I read allot at night and it works well. I will buy more for Christmas presents. Money well spent.
Super fun toy for our kids. Able to mount almost anywhere. I love the fact that the instructions are available on-line.
I love this light. It "Lives" on the screen of my notebook computer. I use it to light my keyboard at night when I need to see the keyboard. It also makes it handy during power failures because I always know where it is!
My Dad got one each for my daughter and my niece for their birthdays. They love them! They're wonderful for grabbing onto anything and for wrapping around, too. Also a big thank you to the manufacturer for making the instructions available on the site! : )
Wish I could rate it 10 stars. This is a great product in every category! I bought one for each member of my family.
Helpful little guy, belongs in every toolbox and glovebox!
Love this light. Very versatile. I commute often at night and wrap this lite around the back of my left hand so when I signal to turn, it is visible!
Received a BugLit for Christmas. I am a hospice nurse and this little guy comes in very handy. It shines light in the most awkward places. It's bendable legs makes it one of my handiest tools. Makes a great useful gift for anyone!
Super fun light for my kid to play with. Low, high and strobe make it a really light to play with. My daughter is almost three and thinks she can read. She get the light and sets it up like a horse and then hides under the blankets with her books. Awesome little gift. Thanks