Got one for the vent and one for the dash. I love this though I'm not a fan of the magnets and stuff you have to put on your phone. so I love the adjustable FreeMount part for my phone. The vent one is my fav.
This mount is great and I love it. You can put it anywhere that suits you best.
Absolutely amazing hands free device. Now my family is interested in purchasing it because they see how much I love it.
Love this product. Bought mine 3 years ago and on my second phone. Plan on buying 3 more for Christmas presents.
I'm assuming #5 means great! The product did exactly what it was supposed to do. This was a replacement disc to mount a Steelie. Getting the old one off was easy and putting the Steelie on a new phone case worked well. Thanks, Nite Ize
I bought this Steelie Car Mount Kit 3 years ago. It's the best phone accessory I've ever bought. After 3 years the magnet is strong as ever and I never had a problem with the adhesive losing it's strength either....neither the metal ball that's on my dash or the magnet that's on the back of my phone case. Yes, I still have the same phone case for my phone. My phone has never fallen off the metal ball and my job takes me off road at times. This product works!
The Steelie is the best car mount that I have ever used. It was easy to change the mounting ball from one car to another with the 3M adhesive that I ordered. Thanks!
Came in a flat US priority mail envelope. Quite practical since it is just a packet of stickies. Several stickies to use. Plenty leftover for whenever you change your mind and wish to reposition it. Does its job of keeping the car mount attached to flat surfaces (not the rugged, shiny dashboard) as described.
I bought one of the Steelie Ball car mount kits from a Mall kiosk. I mounted it on my Mini Cooper. Works great. I needed one for my Van so I went online and found them on your website and I think they are a great accessory to have while traveling.
Absolutely a great Product I could not say enough goods things about it
Really smart idea. Its easy and keeps my phone stable
It's really an awesome little gadget! My husband and I each have one and we have one in our boat too.