I have the XS collar for our little 9lb. Cavapoo. It works great when I need to let her out at night. She loves to wander, so it's perfect knowing where she's at.
Don't worry anymore about my black lab being seen in the dark. Collar really stands out making it easy to locate my dog in the evening. Components are first-rate, making this a quality product.
Got 2 large yesterday. Awesome! I can see where both dogs are going in the bushes. Looks sturdy and durable. Time will tell. 5/5 right now. Will it last? I will update as required, but for the moment this is totally worth it! Hard to turn on or off? Really? It's meant to be...if it's easy for you...might be easy for them too. 2 dogs play together...bump into something you never know. At a distance red and orange are hard to distinguish.
Collar was very well made. It will last for a long time.
This collar is the best available! I have an orange one for my chocolate lab that I put on when we walk at night. Have had it for several years and replaced the battery once so far. When I got another dog, a german shepherd mix, I bought a red one to be able to know which collar to put on which dog. The light is bright and lights up most of the way around the neck so you can see it no matter what angle. I would recommend this to everyone! Yes, I would agree with another post, the button is hard to push but this collar is far superior to other "light up" collars I tried and returned.
The only disadvantage I have noticed is they are very hard to turn on/off. Other than that, they've been great
Great product - bright light & sturdy construction! Expensive with the Canadian exchange rate but still a good investment!
Works just as described. We recently moved to a more secluded wild life area. Our Golden did not even realize the collar was lit at night time when we were out.
Really nice collar. Very bright
We love this product!! Had a hard time finding size and product in the store, but was able to order direct and received quickly. Thank you so much
I've used the Nite Dawg LED Collar Covers on my dogs' harnesses for a couple of years but since they tended to get torn easily I thought I'd try the actual lighting collars. They are nice but (1) get dim pretty quickly, (2) the batteries are a pain to change, and (3) the plastic over the switches cracks easily, just from dogs scratching them apparently, so the moisture resistance is reduced. I'm going back to the less expensive collar covers.
I like the collar very much. Great product for the safety of the dog. Have you considered or would you consider making this color in a variety of camouflage patterns for hunting dogs. The electronic would also need to be waterproof.