I tried the bulb in a 2 D-cell standard cheap plastic flashlight, and in a 3 D-cell Maglight. I like the LED color temperature and expect to enjoy the extended bulb life. At the current price point of ~$18 I am not inclined to purchase additional bulbs. That in no way diminishes that it is a good product.
I installed the light bulb just a few weeks ago, but it seems to do the job nicely.
Great product. Easy installation. The new LED bulb is much brighter than the original.
I am amazed at just how much brighter my Mag Lite is not that I upgraded to the LED replacement bulb.
Amazing difference the light is much better. Well worth the money.
Expensive but delivers everything promised. Fantastic upgrade, brilliant white light from the mag lite as promised. Worth every penny. Recommended.
Found my old 2 D-cell Mag lite that had been missing a couple of years. Bought the LRB2-07-PRHP LED upgrade in 10/2014. Being impressed, I matched it up to a new 2 D-cell LED Mag lite. If there is a difference, I don't see it! I bought 2 more today 2/10/15. 1 for a 2 D-cell Mag lite & a 2 C-cell Mag lite. I have other Mag lites up to 6 D-cell will try next. Use this upgrade with confidence!!! Well worth keeping these old Mag lites going but with "today's" technology! Thanks Nite Ize!
These work great in Mag light Flashlights, batteries last much longer, also much brighter light.
Purchased this lamp at Lowe's to replace the lamp that went out when I dropped the Maglite. Simple and easy install, and is better than the original lamp. Great product and I would recommend it to anyone that needs a replacement.
This does everything it says it will. It is well worth the money and that says it all. Makes the Maglight company upgrade look pitiful. My 2D cell now works better than any flashlight I have seen and I have seen a bunch.
Wow! Best LED upgrade for any of those old 2, 3, or 4 cell flashlights yet! Upgraded several.
I've owned 3 of these over time and have installed them in various D cell flashlights (and even hastily hacked one into an AA flashlight to see what can be achieved). As far as LED mods go, the 1 Watt Nite Ize mod is excellent for creating a long life light with optimal brightness. Makes a great survival light; have had the batteries in my 2D running on one of these mods for over a year without replacement.