I use these every time we go camping and it has been a life saver. One time in the Desert after I had put the dogs to bed in their Kennel, my Golden had gotten out the side door. If it weren't for the two Collar lights she was wearing we wouldn't have found her. I love these and always keep extra batteries in their packs. :)
EXCELLENT!! Yep, dark colored dogs disappear in the night. My little jingle bells kinda worked but this little Red light is Fantastic. I can now see my black Pit at night at over 200 yards away, no joke. Its very durable, and ya probably want to get some extra CR2016 batteries. Thank you Nite Ize!
I have a Chow/Schiperkee and he's as black as the night is long. I so worry about him at night as we live in the country and we have country dark here. I feel so much better now... a little guilty at first as I was worried he felt silly but all in all I'm very pleased!
This product is awesome. I was surprised by just how bright this light is. I have a Bernese/St.Bernard puppy and live in the woods. The light let's me easily track Mackenzie where ever she goes. It is actually quite amusing watching the light fly through the backyard when she is puppy zooming. Great product, great quality.
Wow what a great product! The light is bright without being piercing. We were afraid that the light would bother our dogs eyes, but he doesn't seem to even realize its there! Very useful for walking your dog in low light areas with cars and in a fenced back yard. Trying to keep track of a black dog when the sun goes down is otherwise impossible. We are very happy with the purchase.
Light is good but spring clip on carabiner broke after 30 days. It was permanently on the leash so never an on/off leash/collar to stress the clip. Now need to replace for another $7 since no warranty. Change to a stronger spring clip!!

Nite Ize Comment: David, all Nite Ize products have a lifetime warranty. Simply contact our customer service team at 800-678-6483 and we'll send you a replacement!

Best and brightest light ever. We have tried several...this has bee the best one!!
Super bright, durable, secure on the collar, heavy enough to come back to hang like a necklace, rather than getting stuck on one side of the neck (I have a short-haired dog, so I can't speak to how it hangs on long hair). Seems to be essentially rain-proof, and even stood up to some unexpected brief swimming.
Love this product, have tried other flashing lights that attached to the collar that were not not nearly as visible or durable with a very active Black Lab
AWESOME! My Air Force base sells your products for us to assist in deployments, operations down range, etc. I saw the "Spot Lit" and thought of my 2 dogs immediately! We're out at night often and this area can get pretty busy. Also, I have a black Pit/Lab mix that disappears in the dark, so unless someone catches a glimpse of his white chest, he's invisible. EVERY single time we're out, someone asks what is is, where they can get one, and tells me what a great idea it is. Go Nite Ize!
These are fantastic!! I use to have the pup lights on my dogs, but these are much better. With 2 Boxers, keeping track of them is much easier on the flashing mode, one white and one red - Awesome product!
We love this product! Very easy to clip on & off and helps us track our dogs when they are out at night in our fenced property. Two different colors let us identify the two dogs easily. Our friends purchased some as well once they saw the collar lights in action!